Five Best Backpacks: Teenagers Actually Want to Wear

Sometimes your hands just aren’t enough for carrying everything from A to B. A backpack is the perfect solution to sling over your shoulder so you’re free to move through your day knowing you definitely did not leave your phone on the train, your assignment is safe from the weather and you’ve got lunch for later. Whether you’re searching for a backpack that won’t make your spine feel like an 80-year-old, or something stylish enough to pass as a red carpet accessory, I can assure you there is something on this list for you.


  • The North Face Berkeley Backpack

North Face, being a primarily mountaineer and exploration brand, produces some of the sturdiest backpacks to keep everything in your bag safe from all kinds of weather.

This backpack is made of canvas for versatility and robustness. The rope-like zips and suede details are a nice touch that styles the bag nicely. There are two compartments, one main one and a smaller front area that would easily hold a phone and charger. Padded straps and clever design add to the comfort and ease of wear.


  • L.L.Bean Quad Pack

At first glance, this backpack looks hiking ready but a closer look shows the range of adaptions made to make your school day as easy as possible. An ergonomic shape, padded straps, and back panel all work to provide support and maximize airflow to prevent nasty sweat patches.

Multiple compartments and pouches are all separately designed to accommodate both personal and school essentials. There’s even a small port to feed headphone cords through to secure your phone whilst you listen to music on the go.


  • Aer Fit Pack

This backpack is the smaller of its two siblings- the Aer Travel Pack and Aer Duffel Pack. It’s designed with the idea; “carries all that you need without adding bulk” in mind, and it accomplishes this extremely well.

The main compartment of the backpack is front-loading which makes it easier to access and pack. It also has a spare compartment for dirty clothes and shoes, perfect for after training or a study sleepover at a friend’s house.

The exterior is minimalistic and appears both modern and classic simultaneously, the black and grey colours guarantee it will compliment any outfit.

This bag is super easy on the eyes with a stunning combination of rugged canvas and leather detailing that will definitely get you a compliment or two.

But just as important, it is incredibly functional. The backpacks have four different compartments to easily section out your belongings and avoid the hassle of everything slipping down into one big clump of stuff. The whole bag is of a very quality and boasts innovation in comfort and capacity.



  • Adidas Originals Classic Backpack

Nowadays, teenagers are often obsessed with brand names, so what would this list be without a household name brand such as Adidas?

With a history of over 60 years, Adidas products have passed the test of time and this backpack is no exception. The canvas and polyester materials are long-lasting and easy to look after. The Originals logo spans right across the front of the bag and the bag itself comes in prints, multicolours, camouflage and of course the easily recognizable black and white.

Overall every backpack will offer different options that appeal to different people but these are some of the best performing backpacks on the market, assured to provide comfort, style, and space.