How to Pick a Right Backpack for Yourself

Planning to get a new backpack for your journey, hiking?


In your middle of your thoughts, should you do suitcase or a backpack?


I don’t like suitcases simply because it’s so hard to walk with, climb stairs and hills.

It’s a hectic experience using suitcases because it will be bumb-bumbing everywhere. They are simply meant for holidays or you stay with them in the house. Backpacks are more versatile and make more sense, l don’t need to carry them on escalators, and they make life easier and free walking anywhere.


Looking for a good Fjallraven kanken backpack? Let me save the hour of searching.


The following are the features that you should consider when purchasing better long lasting backpack; Backpack fit: picking the right backpack is important in a trip. You pick very big, you’ll have extra load; too small, you won’t fit anything in. It’s good to take one which fits you. Select a backpack with interchangeable hip belts to swap out and also padded shoulder belts.


These belts make you comfortable because they reduce the pressure on your shoulders which is pushed downwards by the pack weight on the shoulders. It should also have the weight lifters which help to reduce the weight on your back.

The size and the shape of the backpack: Does it matter really?


The backpack that you purchase should fit your body well in that it’s proportional to enable you to carry along the weight and give you freedom and stability. You may know the Fjallraven sale that Backpack frame type: majority of backpacks today have internal packs frames whereby support rods and frames are in built and it doesn’t show the pack from outside or separates the pack from the rods and buried from view.


The backpacks frame should always make the pack slimmer and keep the hiker stable on uneven or off the terrain. The external frame backpacks should also offer good ventilation. Consider frame less backpack too for hikers this helps the hiker to reduce the weight when he removes the frames from the pack. Multiple sections: a good bag should have several compartments.


It’s good to put your belonging into different compartments because it makes it easier to access and find what you want and avoid disarranging your pack. For instance, clothes should be in the main bag, umbrella on top, water bottle should on the sides.


Lockable zippers: I’m always scared someone will put something scary on my bag when we hiking or some grabby baggage handler will get my stuff.

When purchasing this bag you should check if its TSA-friendly locks, these have a special release regulator which allows the lock to open without breaking. If you get one with two zippers you can get pacsafe which wraps the metal lock and it can be tied to a large luggage one will not bother following you or be able to break in. This is suitable to luggage left untended for long.


The photographers can use it for their packs carrying their expensive equipment. Just like the kanken backpack sale mention that water prove material: the material should be thick and light in that in case you pour bottle water, no water will get in and as well the material drys fast, rather you can have a rain cover sized to fit your backpack will prevent the bag from getting wet and making it musty.