The Classic And Ageless Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

Even people who are not fond of backpacks will find the Fjallraven Kanken backpack attractive and stylish. How can’t you love this backpack?


With its’ countless positive feed backs and affordable price, you surely will love to have one for yourself. Choose from a wide array of colors and several different sizes and styles when buying this backpack.


The Kanken backpack can be used for multiple purposes such as going to school/work, trekking, and other usual daily activities. Here are a few things you can expect from purchasing the Fjallraven Kanken backpack.

The first thing you will notice right after getting this bag is its’ lightweight feel on your shoulders. You can even prove this to yourself by filling up your Kanken backpack with the same amount of items you usually put in your bag and directly comparing them with one another.


I for myself have noticed a huge difference, and my shoulders feel less stressed after brisk walking with this backpack compared to the older ones I used to bring with me. This bag is also as durable as any other good backpack you’ll see out there. Don’t you just hate it when your bag gets too moist? Worry not, the Kanken backpack is Vinylon F Fabric made.


Assure yourself that your backpack won’t experience moisture under severe weather conditions like most bags do. To ensure its’ utmost quality, all you have to do when cleaning it is to wipe it with damp cloth and refrain from using bleach or any strong detergents. Now you can assure yourself that this bag will last with you for a very long time.


In case you are still hesitant to avail yourself one, this kanken backpack also has a rich history making it a classic and vintage product to own. Dating back to 1978 when this was first made for Swedish school children. This bag is still available to be experienced and enjoyed by everyone up to this very day.

Not just that, nowadays, this bag does not cater only to school children like before. It has bigger versions for adults and professionals now. Do you need a stylish and sturdy bag for your laptop? Look no further, everything you need is right here.


The Kanken surely is a classic. With its’ overall quality, design, and durability, I can say with confidence that this is the most practical backpack I have ever added to my collection.


Fjallraven undeniably produces the best outdoor equipment out there. I have personally tried too their Timber Buck jacket and their Polar Guide Parka jacket and have definitely not regretted doing so.


Their tents such as the Keb Dome 3 is also a must buy. It is indeed safe to say that stylishness, durability, and timeless outdoor products are what you’re bound to find here in Fjallraven.